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A series of web lectures- seminars with renowned pianist and teacher Vassilis Varvaresos. (More info)

Lecture no 1- Saturday 27th March, 3.00 p.m. (GMT+2 – Greek local time)

“Faints and duels   : a little piano story for the ones who still consider it boring”

The listener will travel to taverns , prisons, palaces , will visit Paris, Vienna and Saint Petersburg as they have never before and perhaps will even discourse with the Devil himself.

Lecture no 2- Friday 9th April, 8.00 p.m. (GMT+2 – Greek local time)

“Anatomy of a melody: a little piano story for the ones who deep down in their heart want only to sing”

The listener will contact the very Music nature, will attend the birth and the coming of age of a melodic line , will experience how a person can sing playing the piano and comprehend the different ways in which the piano is the closest musical instrument to human nature…

Lecture no 3- Friday 16th April, 8.00 p.m. (GMT+2 – Greek local time)

“Plunging into the depths: The technic or, the reason why it is worthwhile for a person to spend 7 hours a day playing only two keys”

The listener will converse with Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff and realize that piano playing is not just the pressing of keys, but a quite complicated and exquisite choreography of the hands.

Lecture no 4- Friday 23rd April, 8.00 p.m. (GMT+2 – Greek local time)

“Bach, Czerny, Chopin: we love to hate them and in parallel we hate to love them”

The listener will at last solve the mystery which burdens generations of pianists  : why does Bach intend to bust a gut of us, why Czerny is a sadist, and why Chopin just cries. Or rather not?

The seminars - lectures apply to all pianists irrespective of level, to musicians and music lovers. Every lecture will last for about 90 minutes. Within this duration Vassilis Varvaresos will analyze the above mentioned subjects in parallel with giving examples on the piano  , while he will also have an interactive character, since he will be answering to questions- queries of the participants.

The transaction of the web lectures will be conducted through Zoom application and with the purchase of your seat you will receive the relevant link by e-mail.

Cost :

- Early bird till 20th March: €150  for the total of four seminars (potential of 3 interest- free instalments with the use of a credit card )

- From 21st March: €160 for the total of four seminars ( potential of 3 interest - free installments with the use of a credit card )

Update 29/3/2021: 120€ for the three remaining seminars

If you are attending the seminar via mobile or tablet, you must first install the ZOOM Cloud Meetings application and then click on the link. If you are watching from a desktop computer or laptop, just click the link. The link is sent for personal use only. In each seminar the participants will be identified.

Refunds are not made after purchasing the lessons. If a lesson is lost due to the student's fault, the money paid is not refundable. In case a lesson is canceled by the teacher, a new date for the lesson is set. If the new date is not convenient for the student, his money is refunded.

For safety reasons and for copyright seminars will not be recorded and is forbidden to any participant to record it or share it, even a part of it, without the permission of the organiser and the artists.

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