Vocal Masterclass in Athens by Myrto Papatanasiu

Friday 5 th / Saturday 6 th / Sunday 7 th May 2023 at Halkidonio Conservatory , Athens – Greece

The seminar will be concluded with a concert by the participants on Sunday 7th May, at the conservatory.

The participants will be accompanied by Nick Vasileiou ( pianist, musicians’ director at Greek National Opera, composer ).

Masterclass is aimed at either all level learners or classical song graduates.

The participants after booking their seat for the seminars are required to:

a) Send a video of themselves singing ( even an amateurish one ) along with a brief curriculum vitae (more like a specimen of their progression rather than the procedure of
their being selected ) to halkidonioodio@gmail.com

b) To have prepared 3 to 4 Arias of their preference, one of which must be Mozart with a recitative as a prerequisite ( so as the option of selection will be ensured for Mrs Papatanasiu ).


( The active participants can simultaneously attend the whole seminar as auditors )

a) Active Participation with (1) 40′ lesson (before an audience ) ( + the whole seminar’s attendance as a listener ): 200€ ( book a seat )

b) Active Participation with (2) 40′ lessons ( 2x 40′ lessons + attendance etc. ): 360€ ( book a seat )

c) Active Participation with (3) lessons ( 3 x 40′ lessons + attendance etc. ): 450€ ( book a seat )

d) Face – to – face Listener: 60€ ( book a seat )

e) Web Listener: 60€ ( book a seat )



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